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You are Me and I am You - ch 4
You are Me and I am You?! - chapter 4
"Morning, Karin! Usui-kun!"
Maki Tokitou greeted the two once they arrived in homeroom.
"Good morning, Ma-"
Kenta gave Karin a slight jab of the shoulder, and she recomposed herself.
"er, -Tokitou."
"Good morning, Maki~" Kenta gave off an out-of-character beam and sat in Karin's desk.
Maki leaned to Karin's ear, "hehe, so what'd you do, you dog? Tell me why Karin is in such a good mood today!"
"Oh, um, no particular reason..." Karin didn't feel like making this conversation any more awkward, so she mimicked Kenta and sat in his desk without saying anything more.
Maki wasn't satisfied with that answer, of course. "Looks like I'll just have to ask Karin during lunch myself then, huh? hehe."
First Period, English
Oh, Karin... if only you'd TRY to study once i
:iconzonnikku:zonnikku 7 2
You are Me and I am You - ch3
You are Me and I am You?! - chapter 3
I've gotta find out what's going on here. And what happened to Karin.
Kenta walked at a brisk pace towards his apartment below the Marker's mansion. He wanted to check to see if his theory on what's going on is correct.
Logically, or maybe I should say "illogically", if I'm in Karin's body, she should be in my body. Kind of like that one movie...
Someone seemed to be running towards him. It looked like a tall teenaged boy. His hair was short and a bit unkempt and he had pretty creepy eyes--
Karin noticed someone wearing a Shiihaba High girl's uniform. She had dark hair and was a bit short--
Karin was about to stop in her tracks, but she tripped on a large rock and ended up falling on top of Kenta.
"ow, ow, ow~" Karin rubbed the cuts on her legs from the fall. Kenta had no injuries, and went through Karin's bag and found some bandages to stick on the nasty spots.
"Th-thank you, m
:iconzonnikku:zonnikku 2 3
You are Me and I am You - ch2
You are Me and I am You?! - Chapter 2</strong>
Usui Kenta rustled through Karin's clothes drawers, because, well, he couldn't just go out in Karin's pajamas.
The top drawer contained only underwear and bras. He didn't linger his eyes there very long, and just picked one of each quickly.
Once he unbuttoned the pink pajama top and took off the bottom, now came the difficult part.
Ok, ok... I'll just put them on quick without looking. Right, ok.
This proved to be impossible. Apparently, putting on underwear blind is about as easy as finding a dog with purple polkadots.
"OWW!" He tripped and fell forward, but at least he managed to get both legs through. All he had to do was pull them up.
The bra proved to be the real challenge. He pulled the one he was wearing off from the front, and it hurt. He probably pulled an arm muscle in the process too. Without support, his chest felt really heavy, like there was too much weight pulling down... well, that's not something he s
:iconzonnikku:zonnikku 1 3
You are Me and I am You
You are Me and I am You?! - Chapter 1</strong>
...this has got be a joke.
Kenta Usui awoke in a fluffy warm bed, next to him, the alarm clocked ticked 7:00 a.m.
He looked about the room, incredibly confused.
This wasn't his apartment. In fact, he'd never seen this place before. He looked down at the sheets he held between two tiny, girly hands.
"These aren't my hands..." He felt himself all over, further confirming this fact. Everywhere felt squishy, and he was missing that certain thing. Not to mention his chest taking up his lower peripheral vision...
Jumping out of the bed in shock, he yelled, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!"
"Am I..." He noticed his reflection from the small mirror on the nightstand.
And he was right.
"Kenta! Wake up! Or you'll be late for school!"
"wuh..? ..Kenta?"  
"It's not like you to oversleep like this. Are feeling okay?"
:iconzonnikku:zonnikku 8 3
Karin: Paradox - Divergence
Karin: Paradox Chapter 3 - Divergence
"Mmmph... I must have slept wrong... ugh..." Kenta Usui rubbed his stiff neck, yawning a little.
"Usui-kun!" A girl's voice reverberated to his left. Slowly, he turned his head in the direction of the voice.
"...Maaka? How did you get in here?"
"...uh... um...," Karin twiddled her fingers, "earlier this morning my blood increased... so I bit you... uh... um, um..." Karin's face had turned impossibly red. She felt like she'd faint from embarrassment if she said anything more.
Now he remembered. They were about to share their morning meal together as they agreed on, but Karin's blood went off again.
"Ah, I see." he replied.
But something else happened, right? He was definitely forgetting something. The little wheels in Kenta's head rotated as he put a hand to his chin.
"Usui-kun?" Karin looked on with curiosity. Kenta looked straight back at her again.
"That's right... how could I forget that we..."
As he put a hand to his lips, he flushed a d
:iconzonnikku:zonnikku 1 5
Karin: Paradox - Ch 2
CHAPTER TWO: Yuriya's Past Part 1
"This time, I'll try to be useful. I've finally found the vampire that Uncle was looking for, and I can't let this chance slip by!"
Closing the door to her run-down studio apartment, a nubile young woman walks down a vacant street.
Her hair is neatly tied in two large pigtails, with tiny spectacles worn on her face that reflected the morning sun's rays. Her black sweater hung on her shoulders, swaying with the wind.
Not paying any attention to the scenery, she reflects upon thoughts swirling in her mind.
I feel so bad doing this to Maaka-san. I... I know Uncle said I shouldn't feel sympathy for a "Pushuke" like Maaka-san. I know that "Pushuke" are only born to sacrifice their lives for the sake of vampires. But...
She shakes her head, trying to get rid of the her lingering feelings of sympathy.
No. I've already decided that I'd go through with this ever since I told Uncle over the phone. After all that he's done for me... I at least ow
:iconzonnikku:zonnikku 6 0
Karin: Paradox - First Time
Her fusion of scarlet and honey eyes stared widely back at him with feelings that can't possibly be described on a whim. He looks back at her, with a flushed face of embarrassment at what he had done with her, but at the same time realizing a feeling deep in his gut that was worth the uneasiness.
It had been a refreshing new rush of emotion erupting from the couple; a feeling deeper than any ocean. Sinking. A feeling of nothingness. Dark.
It was as if time had stopped for them to have that moment for their own.
The young girl with black hair styled in a bob held her fingers to her lips, eyes now averted downward. Her face was completely red, small drops of sweat ran down her tinged cheeks. To complete the ensemble, she was breathing so heavily that she looked as if she had just run a marathon.
The boy looked at the girl with soft, gentle eyes. Though he looked tough on the outside, he couldn't hurt anyone for any reason. Those were the values he would always hold dearly to h
:iconzonnikku:zonnikku 19 10
Kenta -minus- MORALITY by zonnikku Kenta -minus- MORALITY :iconzonnikku:zonnikku 6 6


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The newest Youtube / Niconico fad. Search Get Down with anything and I guarantee you'll find it.

Here, enjoy some horse head Get Down:…

In other news, I'm posting this while in my English 103 class. Fun times.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Evie です。 

I generally draw using traditional techniques, such as paper and pencil with markers or colored pencils since I suck hard at digital artwork.

I also make papercrafts if I have the time and want to put something nice for show in my room.

Currently, I draw My Little Pony related work.

Current Residence: Muncie, Indiana
Favourite genre of music: Electronica, Dubstep, J-core, Happy Hardcore, House
Favourite style of art: pencil and pen
Operating System: Mac OS X Leopard /w Windows 7 BOOTCAMP
MP3 player of choice: Foobar2000 + Spotify
Wallpaper of choice: My Little Pony
(current) Favourite cartoon character: Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)
Personal Quote: "..and then I said, "OATMEAL, ARE YOU CRAZY?!"


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Wow. Thanks for the watch. I looked through your gallery, and you're really talented. I really like the drawing of Fluttershy and the papercraft.
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Thank you! :)

I actually don't really consider myself that good at art, I've just been drawing for longer so I have accumulated more practice.

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"I actually don't really consider myself that good at art, I've just been drawing for longer so I have accumulated more practice."

Talent goes hand in hand with practice. From this, we can draw two conclusions:

1. You are good at art, whether you're going to admit it or not. Don't put yourself down. I wish I could draw like you can. I need to sit down and practice sometime.

2. If you like writing, you should try it, even if you don't think you're good at it. Make something and get feedback. How else are you going to be able to practice?
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Hi! Great gallery. I really like your art, and your Karin fanfics. ^_~ I was bummed with the ending, too. -_-;;
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